Specialty Collection Services

Legal Recourse:

For businesses or consumers who do not respond to your request for payment of flatly refuse to pay International Credit Experts Inc. has on staff paralegals who specialize in Small Claim Court actions across Canada. These services can be provided to our clients as part of standard collection services or as a legal only service. Prior to initiating any legal action ICE Inc. will review the account to ensure that there are sufficient assets to enforce judgment once obtained from the court. Upon verification of assets ICE Inc. will then send a legal letter to the customer advising them of our intent to proceed with legal action. In cases where there is no response to the legal letter our legal team will then prepare all necessary paperwork, file the action with the court, attend court on your behalf, and enforce payment through the courts by way of Judgment, Wage Garnishment, Bank Account Garnishment, Asset Attachment or Asset Seizure and Sale. International Credit Experts Inc. always ensures that Legal Action is economically and practically feasible. We get results.

Your delinquent customer may have moved or otherwise you are not able to locate. ICE Inc. provides skip-trace service to get you back in contact with your customer. With your approval, this service may also be incorporated to other service levels to provide enhanced service and enhanced recoveries. Our team of seasoned skip-trace specialists uses the latest tools and technology to enhance their investigation experience, including government and private sources. As a stand-alone or incorporated service, skip-tracing results provide an advantage to successful recoveries.

Letter-Campaign Debt Recovery:
Letter-only solutions are available if you do not prefer your customer to receive phone calls from our professional debt recovery specialists. The demand letters will advise your customer that due to the escalating delinquency of their account, a third-party intervention may be required and payment is expected.

To ensure superior contact rates with your customer, ICE Inc. engages Dialer Technology for automated calling. The dialer enhances our ability to get in contact with your customer and once the customer is on the line, the call is immediately routed to an ICE Inc. agent for handling. Our dialer technology can make up to 200 calls per minute and keep all live connections active while an ICE Agent speaks to each customer.