Collection Services

First-Party/Outsource Debt Recovery:

Improve the successful aging of your A/R by engaging your delinquent customer early in the delinquency stage and reducing or eliminating the need for later stage intervention. By engaging your customer as an extension of your engagement, successful and amicable solutions are readily attainable. We will look after your A/R and we guarantee the results you expect.

Third-Party Debt Recovery:
Upon placement of your mid-stage delinquent customers a customized work-plan that provides successful solutions to your recovery needs is designed and engaged. Our team of Debt Recovery Specialists will contact your delinquent customer directly by phone and by letter and resolve the account to your satisfaction. Each account will be analyzed by the collector, by our technology tools and by our probability scoring models to determine the best solution and exact payment from your customer.

Commercial Credit Recovery:
Commercial Credit Recovery specialists trained in analyzing the source of a commercial or business-to-business delinquency, such as ATB, cash flow and A/R reports, review and provide practical solutions to successfully resolve the delinquency.