International Credit Experts Inc. (ICE Inc.) is a leading provider of financial debt recovery and call centre contact services to commercial and consumer credit providers and businesses in Canada,  USA,  India  and globally. Since inception, ICE Inc. has established a record of innovation and customized client solutions. International Credit Experts Inc. is built upon a foundation centered on client satisfaction. ICE Inc. is PCI Certified and Licensed and Bonded across Canada, and several US States.

This foundation is itself built upon best-in-class components that allow each operational and management function to serve client satisfaction. These components are:

Superior Staff: Our production staff have class-leading successful tenure in the debt recovery business and  contact services business. Success is built upon providing practical solutions and multiple options to customers that solve the problem by anticipating every possible obstacle to client satisfaction and applying contingency plans and work-around for unanticipated obstacles. Each employee to ICE is rigorously screened for compliance to the highest performance and compatibility standards prior to hiring and is continuously monitored for adherence to these standards during tenure at ICE. Our staff is further bilingual in 14 languages. Our management staff works with 60+ years of experience centered on client satisfaction and high performance.

Superior Technology: By engaging the latest and most advanced Telephony, Data Management and Network technology, ICE Inc.’s performance and security capabilities not only ensure reliable and safe operation, but also flexibility, scalability and innovative solutions to internal and client demands. Each technology element engaged by ICE Inc. is customized to client needs and high performance standards: the technology is the vehicle to excellence rather than the endpoint.

Superior Compliance: As a Canadian and US PCI Compliant cross-Canada Licensed and Bonded Agency and with US, India and International production and administrative operations, regulatory, client and internal compliance are more than a catch-phrase; they are at the core of our company values. As an employee or a client of ICE Inc., you will note that compliance is always foremost and given prioritized consideration. Full transparency of actions, plans and policies; vigilant monitoring of all production and management elements to ensure compliance; regular communications with clients, regulatory bodies and compliance administrative bodies ensure ICE is up to date with all in place requirements and aware of all forthcoming trends and requirements.

Superior Facilities: With headquarters located in the commercial and retail hub of Woodbridge, Ontario, in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, the financial capital of Canada, and with branch offices in Quebec, New York and India, our facilities provide best-in class security, an invigorating and productive work environments  and easy access to markets, motivated staff and production resources.

Company Vision: Driven by the ambition to be the best by way of innovation, scalability, and the ability to swiftly execute, and, informed by the superior elements listed above, successful solutions to client needs are always only a step away.


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